Teaching Children to Love Origami

Many people frequently think of the Japanese term “origami” whenever they see a folded piece of paper in the shape of a bird. While they are correct, origami can actually take on a variety of other figures. The term itself means the art of paper folding.

In children’s care centers like Daycare in Brooklyn, New York, origami can be used as a tool in teaching. Some children tend to zone out when teachers discuss the lessons or read out manuals. However, with the use of visuals, like origami, lessons become more appealing to the little ones. This is because art usually captures their attention.

Children can also have fun making their own origami. While this ancient craft is considered an exciting activity for the little ones, it can also help improve their skills in visualization, geometry, and problem-solving, according to a teacher in a Japanese Daycare in New York. For them to get started, parents and teachers must guide them by demonstrating the folding of paper until it takes the shape of the desired figure.

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