Multilingual Daycare in Brooklyn, New York

We are licensed by New York State Department of Health Bureau of Day Care. Yoko’s Daycare meets all the standards for staffing, discipline, health, safety, nutrition, and other regulations required by New York State Department of Health Bureau of Day Care.

Fully Insured

CPR Certified

The kids are playingYoko’s Daycare is a progressive, warm and caring place with its main focus on social, intellectual and physical development of children in a safe and nurturing place. Through a well thought out and stimulating curriculum children are able to engage in age appropriate activities that will help them reach important developmental milestones. At Yoko’s Daycare we believe that children are individuals who should feel free to express their individuality with careful guidance and mentoring from loving, trained, and caring staff.

As a dedicated multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York, children will be spending their time in a multicultural setting in order to develop a sense of respect and appreciation for other cultures. In addition to English, children will have the opportunity to learn Japanese and Spanish languages upon request in order to help develop their multilingual cognitive abilities.

—Cultural lessons will include—

  • Reading children’s classic books in English and Japanese
  • Singing songs in English and Japanese
  • Learning about different cultures by practicing certain customs, including but not limited to celebrating seasonal holidays, origami, using chop sticks and preparing food.

—Children’s daily curriculum include—

  • Yoga
  • Outdoor activity
  • Physical body movement class (Martial arts for ages 3 and up)
  • Cooking
  • Sign language

Health and nutrition will be emphasized by having daily home prepared, well-balanced nutritious meals and snack. Most importantly your child will be in a safe, loving and happy place.

Monday ~ Friday 8 AM to 6 PM

All year round registration