Storybooks Play an Important Role in a Child’s Life

Storybooks Play an Important Role in a Child’s Life

Many children will always remember their favorite storybooks. Even as their parents bring them new ones to read, some children will still return and pick up the ones that have had the most impact on them. Interestingly enough, they don’t tire of reading them over and over.

According to a teacher in a Japanese Daycare in New York, introducing storybooks to children at a young age is crucial. Parents need to evaluate whether the books they bring home for their children to read contain valuable lessons that can influence their little ones in a positive way.

Storybooks can help develop a child’s ability to empathize and relate to others. When the characters of the story display kindness to people, plants, and animals, a child will be able to emulate this behavior.

In Daycare in Brooklyn, New York, we introduce children to classic books in English and Japanese. We don’t only want them to develop their language and vocabulary skills but also help them learn valuable lessons in these books.

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