Why You Should Enroll Your Child at Yoko`s Daycare?


Choosing a daycare center is a challenging logistical and emotional endeavor. Parents are looking for a childcare facility that can give their children a high-quality, holistic education. Furthermore, parents prefer to enroll their children in a children’s care that employs enthusiastic and experienced staff.

You will no longer have to search for the ideal Japanese daycare in New York for your child since Daycare in Brooklyn, New York is comprised of and equipped with everything you are searching for in a daycare facility.

Here are some of the reasons why enrolling your kid in with us will benefit both you as a parent and your child’s growth.

  • Licensed and Meets All Standard
    We are licensed by the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Daycare and possesses all of the necessary legal paperwork for a daycare center. Our staffing, discipline, health, safety, and other rules satisfy the department’s requirements. We are fully insured and have CPR certification.
  • Introduction to a Multicultural Setting
    Children would be exposed to a range of cultures, including Japanese and American, in order for them to acquire respect and appreciation for other civilizations.
  • Engaging Daily Curriculum
    Children are also taught how to be physically active, such as through yoga and outdoor activities, and self-help skills.
  • Compassionate and Dedicated staff
    Teachers and administrators are caring individuals who are committed to enhancing your child’s abilities and development. They are also receptive to constructive criticism and maintain positive relationships with both you and your child.

Yoko’s Daycare is a progressive, friendly, and loving environment that could provide your kid with a healthy learning environment. Our aim is to nurture children exceptionally and develop them holistically.

For inquiries please don’t hesitate to call us at 917-428-5151.

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