Reading Bilingual Japanese-English Stories to Kids


Reading to kids is one of the most crucial ways parents and other adults can encourage intellectual growth. Although sometimes, it may seem that your young ones are more interested in inspecting books with their teeth rather than their eyes, books at any age may start a lifetime passion for learning. Yoko’s Daycare is a multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York that encourages storytelling time for children.

Literature from around the world is accessible in Japanese, and many Japanese children’s books have English and other languages translations. Dual-language or bilingual books are more uncommon than editions with only one language. We recommend looking for a daycare in New York that reads stories to your child in several languages.

It has been demonstrated that reading to young children, like what our Japanese daycare does, enhances cognitive abilities and advances cognitive development. Cognitive development is the formation of the ability to comprehend and think. It is the creation of mental processes, including memory, problem-solving, and decision-making, from childhood through adolescence to maturity.

It deals with the ability of a child to process information, think critically, reason, develop language skills, pay attention for long periods, and remember things. Starting as early as infancy, reading aloud to young children can aid in the development of literacy, communication, and social skills. They experience this in our children care.

This is so that infants may develop important language, literacy, and social skills. Reading to children in their early months stimulates the area of the brain that enables them to absorb the meaning of words. Choose our multicultural and Japanese education for the early learning experience of your kids.

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