Strategies to Encourage Positive Behavior in Kids


One of the vital aspects of toddler care and children’s development is to learn positive behaviors. Positive discipline and guidance are necessary for young children as they promote self-control and teach responsibility to help them make thoughtful choices. By encouraging appropriate child behavior, the less time parents, guardians, and caregivers will spend correcting misbehavior.

As a trusted Japanese daycare, we will share strategies to encourage positive behavior in children:

  • Rewarding good behavior.

    When your child is exhibiting good behavior, give them some positive feedback. Be specific about the behavior you are praising. Instead of saying general phrases like, “good job!” or “well done!” try giving praise with a personal touch by emphasizing positive behavior.

  • Be your child’s role model.

    Young children are observant and usually follow the behaviors they observe in their parents and other adults in their life. They pick up on social cues and habits by observing the people around them. By modeling good behavior, your child is more likely to do the same.

  • Say what you mean.

    In addition to daycare in New York, parents can encourage positive behavior at home by using positive language. Positive instructions and phrases are usually more effective than their negative counterparts. When giving instructions, focus on what your child should do instead of what they shouldn’t.

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