Helpful Ways to Promote Early Literacy


Early literacy does not necessarily mean teaching young children how to write or read. It focuses on developing the skills needed to become successful readers. As a Japanese daycare, we believe early literacy is essential in helping children develop a love and interest for reading that will establish the foundation for future learning and success.

As a trusted daycare in New York, we will share helpful ways to establish early literacy in your child:

  • Make reading a part of your routine.

    Establish a time and place to read age-appropriate books together. You can choose to read to your child at naptime and bedtime. It creates a time of the day that both of you can look forward to and is an opportunity to bond.

  • Start reading early.

    Reading to babies promotes healthy brain development and lays the foundation for language skills. By age 1, babies can grab books. Cloth and board books are good options for babies that like to touch things as they listen to stories.

  • Ask your child questions.

    After reading, ask your child questions about the characters and plot. It promotes child development and hones their listening comprehension skills. It also makes the experience more interactive and engaging and will keep your child interested in reading and listening to stories from a young age.

Yoko’s Daycare is an established multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York. We offer high-quality childcare programs in a multicultural setting to develop children’s social, intellectual, and physical skills.

Reach out to us for inquiries about our programs and admission process for your children.

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