Ways to Minimize Your Child’s Screen Time


Although screens are a normal part of today’s culture, there are several health benefits linked to reduced screen time. Children who spend less time using electronics throughout the day have improved physical health, exhibit positive behavior, and have better sleep quality. In addition to enrolling your child in a daycare in New York, managing their screen time for healthy development is also crucial.

As a trusted Japanese daycare, we will share proven tips on how to minimize your child’s screen time at home:

  • Create a screen time schedule.
    Establish a screen time limit and create a schedule. Sit down with your children and let them figure out how they plan on using their screen time. Be sure to avoid using screens during meals or an hour before bedtime.
  • Make screen-free spaces.
    Having devices available in every room of the house can interfere with daily activities and sleep. A screen-free bedroom promotes children care as it enables high-quality sleep and makes it easier for children to fall and stay asleep. Other areas at home that can benefit from a screen-free space include the dining area.
  • Model the desired behavior.
    Children look up to their parents and tend to mimic their behavior. An excellent way to encourage less screen time is to model the behavior at home. Avoid leaving the television on when doing household chores. Trade out your phone for a book or magazine and show your children that similar activities can be entertaining.

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