How a Multicultural School Environment Benefit Kids


Multicultural schools benefit children more than conventional classrooms cannot, including promoting global understanding. Yoko’s Daycare is a multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York that welcomes diverse cultures.

Even young children can be taught to imagine how big our world is because it is. Through absorption in other cultures and being exposed to different manners of traditions and religions in our daycare in New York, the young learners here learn to appreciate diversity instead of fearing it.

Respecting those different from us is a huge step toward world peace and understanding. Come, be a part of the multicultural and Japanese daycare, and learn how alike we are, despite our differences.

Young learners are encouraged to express themselves in their native tongues and embrace their heritage and culture while respecting others. As a multicultural setting, we celebrate the differences among our students and urge kids to do the same for one another.

We are also known as Spanish education, where young kids can ask questions and engage in common interests. Doing so is a natural component of our curriculum. We want young learners to gain an understanding of how distant cultures operate. A multicultural and diverse setting is a solid first step.

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