How to Support Your Preschooler’s Fine Motor Development


Part of improving your little one’s overall growth is developing certain areas such as their fine motor skills. With better fine motor skills, they can use their muscles effectively and coordinate them to create more precise movements.

Developing fine motor skills is one of our priorities at Yoko’s Daycare as a Japanese daycare in New York ourselves. That is why our curriculum offers activities such as yoga, outdoor activities, and physical body movement class (martial arts for ages 3 and up), among others.

Along with enrolling them in our children care program and services, there are other ways you can promote their fine motor skills at home. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Encourage them to explore their tactile senses through play dough and putty-play. You can also make play times more focused on ‘building’ as in building blocks and Lego and solving puzzles together.
  • Engage them to do art activities such as drawing, coloring, and painting. These can help strengthen their manual dexterity and develop their hand-eye coordination.
  • Let them explore using things that need maneuvering to hone their hand-eye coordination such as using scissors, tweezers, and tongs. Be sure to supervise them throughout the whole activity to avoid accidents.

Which among these activities do they already do and which ones are you trying next? Let us know!

Be sure to check out our next post for more helpful tips like these. For more information about our programs at Daycare in Brooklyn, New York, reach us today!

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