Allowing Children Reach Important Developmental Milestones


In the early childhood years, children and their brains develop more rapidly than at any stage and time in their lives. As they explore and enjoy their environment and the world, they pick up and learn new things and information rapidly. Guide them through their proper developmental journey and help them learn fundamental lessons and values by enrolling them in early childhood education. And if you are a working parent, you can also entrust your loved ones in children care while you are away.

Early childhood education and childhood care are not only focused on helping children learn basic skills but also helping them learn critical social and emotional skills that are fundamental for character building. The quality of children’s life experiences in the first few years is critical in the development of their brains. The following are the advantages of child care and early childhood education.

  • They can connect with peers and learn how to interact with others, including their parents, teachers, and other children enrolled in the same program as them.
  • They can develop their early interests which will stick with them throughout their lives.
  • While reaching important developmental milestones in life, they are also having fun and collecting memorable childhood experiences.

Yoko’s Daycare is a leading Japanese daycare in New York. We have created an appropriate and good curriculum that allows children to attain fundamental intellectual and physical development. As you enroll your children under our programs, you are allowing them to reach important developmental milestones in their lives.

Contact us to learn more about our curriculum and programs and start your child’s journey towards fun and learning soon.

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