Some Benefits of Yoga in Children


Yoga is not only for adults, children can do it, too! That’s right, this ancient form of exercise can be done by your little ones and they can reap the benefits that adults would as well.

As a Japanese daycare in New York at Yoko’s Daycare that offers yoga ourselves, here are some of the most important benefits of this holistic practice:

  • Yoga improves self-confidence
    Yoga can teach us about our bodies. With greater awareness, yoga can boost confidence. Not to mention, doing yoga poses is difficult in itself, especially done the first time, so being able to do them can add to your little one’s self-confidence.
  • Yoga helps develop focus and use energy more efficiently
    Yoga can teach your little ones to learn to quiet their minds, breathe deeply and fully, and know how to use the life force energy in their bodies or their ‘prana’ to feel more focused and motivated.
  • Yoga promotes physical flexibility as well as improve balance and coordination
    Yoga can teach your child how to use their body in new ways and help them form stability from doing poses.

Yoga is part of our daily curriculum at Daycare in Brooklyn, New York. Let your child explore the connection between their body and mind in a fun, safe, and playful way today. Enroll them at our daycare center.

To know more about our children care and programs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the time of your convenience.

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