How Experience Is an Effective Way of Learning


Arguably the most natural and powerful form of learning is through experience, or more precisely through reflection on doing. We call this one experiential learning. We all had our painful encounters with experiential learning, for example, when we were at a young age we tried to do something, failed, and in the end recovered and learned through the information we absorbed through experience. Experiential learning is a continuous process of getting ourselves into a certain situation, reflecting on what happened, then we try to understand and form abstract concepts and we get the chance to decide differently next time and to do it again. Incorporating such in Children Care will help discover developmental milestones at an early age and nurture the important skills they learn in experience.

Yoko’s Daycare is a licensed Japanese Daycare in New York which aims to provide a safe and nurturing place that focuses on social, intellectual, and physical development for your children. A unique curriculum that also includes cultural lessons such as reading and singing in different languages, adds a sense of respect and appreciation for other cultures that we can instill in your children early on and let them experience interesting things through guidance.

Daycare in Brooklyn, New York is always ready and available for you and we are excited to provide growth and development for your child’s future. Contact us now and send your inquiries about our admissions.

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