Cognitive Development for Your Child Through Social Relationships


The theory of social development argues that community and language play a central part in learning. It is believed that children develop independently of specific stages as a result of social interactions. We are born with 4 elementary functions: attention, sensation, perception, and memory. It is our social and cultural environment that allows us to use these skills to develop and gain higher mental functions. Daycare in Brooklyn, New York has prepared a well-thought-out and stimulating curriculum where the activities are appropriately catered to age and encourage social interactions and relationships within a safe and culture-nurturing environment helping to develop the important mental and cognitive functions through gaining knowledge and skills.

Yoko’s Daycare believes that children should be free to express themselves with careful guidance and mentoring from our trained and competent educators. We provide a safe, loving, and happy place for learning and development in our Japanese Daycare in New York. We also develop your child’s multilingual cognitive abilities based upon your request for as much engaging experience in different cultures from around the world.

Contact us today or visit our website and know more information about our approach to Children Care. Send your inquiry about our admissions and you can view a sample schedule on the different activities your child can partake in.

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