Helpful Tips for Your Kids to Love Reading


In recent years, there has been a significant decrease in the number of youngsters who read for enjoyment. In fact, according to Scholastic’s annual Youngsters and Family Report, the percentage of kids who read for pleasure has decreased by over 10% in only the previous four years.

When it comes to reading, kids might make a million reasons why they don’t enjoy it. It’s tedious. There just isn’t enough time. It’s not enjoyable. In a Japanese Daycare in New York, there is already far too much reading. Fortunately, there is an art to encouraging children to read. Reading practices that you model for your kid will yield benefits in the short and long term.

Choose books your child will enjoy. Maintain an interest in your children’s reading by keeping track of what they’re reading.

Keep books around your home. Simply having books, magazines, and newspapers around the house will help youngsters embrace them as a normal part of life. It’s a good idea to create a home library for your children while they’re still young.

Demonstrate healthy reading habits. If your children witness you reading, they are more likely to take up a book themselves.

Before going to bed, read a book together. Spend meaningful time with your child at the end of the day. Reading aloud to children helps them bring the words to life. You may discuss the story together.

Continue to read to and with your child once they have learned to read. Continued reading together fosters deep, long-lasting bonds throughout their childhood. Yoko’s Daycare specializes in giving high-quality child care. Enrolling your child would boost their love for reading and their reading skills.

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