How Does Bilingual Education Affect Child Development?


Child development is an essential topic for parents to learn about. It enables us to become more knowledgeable about guiding our children’s development and assisting them in becoming the best versions of themselves.

We are a Japanese daycare center focused on providing quality care and education, and we believe that children who receive early bilingual education benefit greatly.

As a multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York, we list how early bilingual education affects the development of your child:

  • Improved Cognitive Function

    Bilingual education helps improve your child’s cognitive function. In bilingual education, children are well-exposed to a multicultural setting, including exposure to a second language. Children that know and can speak a second language perform better in academic tasks such as problem-solving, pattern recognition, and creative thinking.

  • Increased Memory and Recall Abilities

    Children exposed to bilingualism tend to have better memory recall abilities. Studies show that bilingualism is associated with improved memory. Because they learn two or more languages, their brains are attuned to remembering and processing multiple languages. Thus, their memory abilities improve.

  • Improved Cultural and Social Skills

    Bilingual education provides a place for children to be well-exposed to a different culture or even their home culture. Because of this, they immerse in a second language and a new culture. It assists them in developing an appreciation for cultural diversity and encourages them to socialize and participate in discussions.

  • Development in the Executive Functions of the Brain

    Speaking two or more languages improves the overall functions of the brain. It is because bilingual children can process and manage two languages or more. That prompts the increased use of the executive functions of the brain.

Yoko’s Daycare is a multilingual daycare in New York that provides quality bilingual education and cares for our children. We focus on providing a progressive and inclusive education for everyone. Call us to learn more.

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