How Does Bilingual Education Improve Brain Functions?


As parents, one of the essential topics we want to familiarize ourselves with is child development. Bilingual education helps in a child’s early development; it is directly well-associated with increased brain functioning.

As a Japanese daycare center dedicated to providing high-quality education and care to our children, we enumerated how bilingual education helps improve several brain functions of a child:

  • Improved Executive Thinking Skills

    Bilingual education helps accelerate your child’s executive thinking skills. As bilingual children speak two or more languages, they process and manage two or more languages. That enables them to increasingly use the brain region that controls executive thinking and decision-making. We recommend looking for a daycare in New York to get your child further assisted in bilingual education that will hone their executive thinking skills.

  • Increased Memory Recall

    Bilingualism promotes increased memory recall. It is directly associated with improved memory, according to studies. Learning a second or even third language requires memorization and recall skills. Also, it enables them to learn and memorize language processes such as grammar, structure, alphabet systems, and sounds.

  • Developed Phonological Awareness

    Children who are well-exposed to early bilingual education have developed phonological awareness. Learning a language requires them to understand the technicalities and processes of that specific language, including the sounds and pronunciation of words. Their ability to distinguish the nuances of sounds in a language is well-developed.

  • Improved Attention and Listening Comprehension

    Early bilingual education helps develop your child’s attention and listening comprehension. Because they are well-introduced to learning a language at an early age, they can learn to concentrate early. Listening comprehension is also well-developed as they participate in the listening exercises required in learning a language.

Yoko’s Daycare is a multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York, that aims to provide progressive and inclusive high-quality education for your children. With our goal, we will be able to help families and their children get the education and care they deserve. Call us to get in touch with us anytime.

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