The Amazing Ability of Children to Learn Languages


From the moment they are born, children are exposed to language all around them. They listen to their parents, siblings, and other caregivers talk, and over time, they begin to understand and use the language themselves. It’s an amazing ability that is unique to humans and sets us apart from other animals. In today’s blog, Yoko’s Daycare will be covering how quickly children can learn a language. As a Japanese daycare, we provide our students with the opportunity to learn a valuable second language.

One of the reasons why children learn a language quickly is that they are in what is called the “critical period” for language development. This is a period during which the brain is particularly sensitive to language input. Researchers believe that the critical period for language development ends around puberty, after which it becomes much harder to learn a new language. This is why it’s much easier for young children to learn a second language than it is for adults. Enrolling them in a daycare in New York can further assist their developing language abilities.

Children have an amazing ability to learn a language quickly, thanks to a combination of factors such as the critical period hypothesis, imitation, feedback, play, and the brain’s natural capacity for language acquisition. As parents and caregivers, it’s important to provide children with plenty of opportunities to hear and use language in a meaningful way. This can include reading books, engaging in conversation, playing games, and even watching age-appropriate TV shows or movies. If you wish to enroll your child in a multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York, give us a call today.

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