Young Children and Sign Language

Many may think that sign language is only taught out of necessity, to be able to communicate with someone who speaks through this language. However, there are many benefits to learning sign language, especially for young kids. At Yoko’s Daycare, a multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York, we include sign language classes as part of our daily curriculum for children.

Research has shown that teaching sign language together with another language like English or Japanese allows young kids to learn both languages easily. Kids use different sides of the brain to process spoken and visual languages, so they exercise and develop both signs of their brain by learning how to communicate through both words and signs.

At our Japanese daycare, we believe that sign language helps young children develop their intellectual and fine motor skills faster. Kids who can speak through signs can begin to communicate with others even before they learn how to speak in words and sentences. Thus, they can let others know if they are hungry or need to use the toilet. Being able to communicate will also help kids gain confidence and self-esteem.

If you are looking for a multicultural daycare in New York to enroll your kids in, consider enrolling them in ours. We offer a fun and engaging early education curriculum that focuses on child development in a multicultural setting.

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