Physical and Outdoor Activities for Kids


Children today are growing up more dependent on and immersed in technology than ever before. At Yoko’s Daycare, a multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York, we understand the importance of reducing the amount of time young kids spend staring at their screens. Thus, we include plenty of include physical and outdoor activities in our curriculum for children.

Our daily child development curriculum includes yoga classes, where young kids can develop their fine motor skills. They will also learn basic yoga moves and routines that will help them improve their fitness and mobility as they grow. Doing yoga will also teach kids the importance of exercising on a regular basis, at our daycare in New York.

Another physical activity we include in our daily curriculum for kids three years old and up is martial arts classes. By doing the basic moves and forms of martial arts, in a way that is safe for young kids, our students. Basic self-defense is also a skill that all kids should learn at a young age. The goal is to teach kids the importance of protecting themselves and not inflicting violence on others.

We also integrate a variety of other fun physical and outdoor activities for our students to enjoy. If you are looking for a multicultural Japanese Daycare for your young ones, consider enrolling them at ours!

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