Encouraging Your Child to Learn a Second Language


In today’s globalized world, speaking a second or third language gives people many advantages for the rest of their lives.

As a Japanese daycare, allow us to share our expert tips on how we encourage young children to learn a second language.

  • Study with Them
    Getting involved with your child and joining them when they are learning something challenging or even tedious at times is one of the best methods to motivate them. Show your child that you can conquer any obstacles by studying together. It will help them feel less alone, improve their skills, and develop their bonds with one another.
  • Entertainment Is Key
    Consider how your family enjoys spending time together for entertainment. Do you all have a favorite TV show? What about films? There are many movies and TV series available with subtitles and sometimes audio in several languages. Next time you’re planning a family movie night, turn them on and see how many words or phrases you can identify.
  • Look for Study Groups
    Your child can benefit from joining a study group of children in addition to taking a language lesson. There are several options, such as after-school programs, classes at your local recreation center, and other groups in your community where your child can meet peers who share their goals of becoming better learners and meet new friends.

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