Nurture a Hardworking Attitude in Your Child


Kids should never be hindered or limited from enjoying their interests. After all, maybe you can help cultivate this current habit into a skill they can develop in the future. As such, enrolling your child in a school that offers complete child development is essential to support your child’s capabilities.
Some activities that can help instill diligence at home are:

  • Rotating child-friendly chores (if you have more than one child), such as cleaning their room, setting the table, sweeping the floor, or helping with washing dishes
  • Letting them choose their clothes and wear them
  • Becoming their role model in being hardworking by perceiving challenges as opportunities and Showing willingness to take time for others
  • Having solid personal relationships
  • Demonstrating compassion and understanding

Yoko’s Daycare is a multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York that focuses on each child’s innate capabilities and individuality. Our daycare allows kids to work for their interests and be passionate about them. As a daycare licensed by the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Day Care, we meet all their standards for staffing, discipline, health, safety, nutrition, and other regulations. Our school is perfect for developing young minds.
Our daycare in New York is a progressive, warm, and caring environment where children can develop socially, intellectually, and physically in a safe and nurturing environment. Children can participate in age-appropriate activities that help them reach vital developmental milestones thanks to a well-planned and stimulating curriculum. We believe that children are individuals who should be able to express themselves freely with the help of loving, trained, and caring staff.
To learn more about our Japanese daycare, contact us at (917) 428-5151.

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