What Are the Characteristics of Great Daycare Teachers


Children are in their formative years both physically and mentally. This is the time that they should be taught the right things for them to grow as good and productive individuals. As parents, we do our best to teach our kids ourselves at home. But for working parents like us, we have to register our children in daycare centers like Yoko’s Daycare wherein we can trust the teachers to fulfill this role.

But before we enroll our children in any daycare in Brooklyn, New York, let’s do our best to know if their teachers have the following good qualities.

  • Patient

    Children by nature are curious and full of excitement and energy. They could do anything that comes to their minds, even if they may not always understand what is good. As a teacher, it is one’s responsibility to teach the kids to behave properly in a patient, understanding, and composed way.

  • Love for teaching

    Imparting knowledge to our children is their happiness. They don’t easily get tired because they have a passion for teaching. They motivate the children to learn as much as they can. As a Japanese daycare in New York, this quality of teachers is much valued.

  • Loving and Compassionate

    Children need love and care to grow well. Good teachers get our children’s attention by being genuine and warm. They put themselves in the children’s shoes and show them care and empathy.

  • Flexible

    Great teachers always plan their lessons. But in reality, this is not always followed because children tend to do things on their own time. Teachers need to be flexible to improvise and deliver the lessons in alternative ways. All teachers of daycare and children care should have this trait.

We at Yoko’s Daycare see to it that all our teachers possess all these good qualities as a way of ensuring that our children get the best teaching. We help them achieve the best in terms of physical and mental development.

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