Children’s Respect for Nature and Environment


Early exposure to the value of nature aids in your child’s development of responsibility and compassion for other living things. Part of our children care is teaching the value of cleanliness and awareness as they become more aware of other people’s needs in the natural world.

As a daycare in New York, we incorporate activities about nature into our program. We provide age-appropriate activities that, with the help of our staff, create the groundwork for comprehending nature and the environment.

Here are some ways our multilingual daycare in Brooklyn, New York fosters a love of the outdoors in its kids.

  • Our staffs watch and help our children turn off lights and devices whenever a room is not in use. Children learn responsibility and proper electricity consumption from doing this.
  • Our Japanese Daycare facility has a policy requiring water conservation. To prevent water waste, we advise our children to turn off faucets when finished using them.
  • We instill in our kids the value of treating all living things with respect. Children learn compassion and affection for all living creatures through this.
  • Children are taught to clean up after themselves, particularly after meals, games, or when activities are over. This imparts organization and responsibility at a young age.

The goal of Yoko’s Daycare, is to assist you in raising your children with the values of respecting nature and the environment. Talk to us if you want to know more about our daycare programs.

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