Meet our Faculty

Monday Music Class by: Ayako Shirasaki (Sakura Music School)
Wednesday Art by: Taizan Tanaka (Sumi Art/ Japanese Calligraphy)
Infant Head Teacher: Atsuko Murakami
Toddler Head Teacher: Keiko Mogi
Director/President: Yoko Mimata

ayakoAyako Shirasaki
Fun music class involves lots of physical movement. Children love this fun class teaches not only music but culture of Japan and US.

taisanWednesday SUMI Art by : Taisan Tanaka
Children will draw and write using Japanese traditional calligraphy tools and method called Shodo. Sumi is carbon ink used traditionally in several East Asian cultures for calligraphy and brush painting. Mr. Tanaka’s art is well recognized in Japan and foreign countries for its own unique style.
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