Teaching the Value of Cultural Heritage to Young Learners

Culture is defined as a society’s/community’s/country’s shared customs, beliefs, and way of life. It refers to the common ideals and norms of a group of individuals. Being a part of a culture influences how we perceive the world, learn, remember, communicate, and act. As a result, learning and teaching approaches, as part of children care, are heavily influenced by culture.

At Yoko’s Daycare, we firmly believe that children are unique individuals who should be encouraged to express themselves with the help of loving, trained, and caring adults. Children here at our daycare in Brooklyn, New York spend time in a multicultural setting, acquiring a feeling of respect and admiration for different cultures.

Children will also have the opportunity to learn Japanese and Spanish, in addition to English, if they wish, to aid in their multilingual cognitive talent development. As a Japanese Daycare in New York, we offer cultural lessons which include the following:

  • Reading children’s classic books in English and Japanese
  • Singing songs in English and Japanese
  • Learning about different cultures by practicing certain customs, including but not limited to celebrating seasonal holidays, origami, using chopsticks, and preparing food.

Through these activities, children will be able to connect with their peers and be inspired to connect to their culture, which serves as an avenue for them to appreciate and apply it to their own lives. Above all, these become opportunities for us to work together in protecting cultural heritage, which our future will benefit from.

Are you thinking of enrolling your son or daughter in a daycare? Contact us today at (917) 428-5151 or at yokosdaycarenyc@gmail.com. Fill your child’s day with fun and learning!

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